"Historically, our classes have been often times imitated - but our quality and integrity have never been duplicated."
- Sensei Ellis Weber -

Certified Instructors - Sempei Lilly Weber, 'Dojo Manager'

Lilly has majored in kids much of her adult life. As a former nanny, pre-school teacher and nursery administrator, she knows what makes kids tick and has a way of conveying thought and practice on a kid level that is unparalleled. Sempei comments of herself,

"I was proud to tout the fact that I was a lover not a fighter. Needless to say I discovered I was a fighter- both spiritually and physically. I decided to pursue the art of Kyoksuhin after seeing the women knockdown fighters at Shihan Monaco's tournament compete, and I told myself, do not be a fool when it comes time to protect myself if the need ever arrived".

Having earned her Shodan after 6 year's training with Sensei Weber, Sempei Lilly will be the first to say it has not been easy as a co-owner, dojo manager and wife of the senior instructor plus being a student and fellow karateka of the Eaglewings family. But having earned her black belt the old-school way, kids and adults alike will find no better instructor on the fundamentals of Kyokushin that will prepare them for a better, everyday life.