"Historically, our classes have been often times imitated - but our quality and integrity have never been duplicated."
- Sensei Ellis Weber -


1964-At age ten, Sensei Weber began training in the fundamentals of karate, taekwondo, and judo 1970-1973 Began official training in Okinawan Goju-ryu in Enid OK. Under Sensei Bill Mays

1983-Resumed goju training under Sempai Paul Prim 1986 in Kingfisher, OKLA. and Obtained status of san-kyu.During this three year period, Sensei competed heavily in all local OKC tournaments and invitational’s, obtaining status of first place in state in men’s beginning forms and fighting.

1987- Started Kingfisher Karate as greenbelt in goju system-training evolved into Chinese Kenpo and Shotokan, where he earned Black Belt and ichi’kyu in ABKA respectively. Classes grew to average attendance of 75 attendees.

1989-Earned Shodan in American Bushido-KAI Association

1990-Opened new karate school in OKC,resuming school in Kingfisher. Both schools combined maintained a membership of 200-250 students for six years.

1989-Founded Oklahoma Karate Association, A tournament rating system that is still currently promoting statewide competition.

1990-1996 Joined ranks with Shihan Michael Monaco and IKO

Tested for shodan and nidan in this six year period, under auspices of Kancho Matsui and the IKO.
Made transition from IKO to IFK with Shihan Monaco and Hanshi Arneil

2002-Continued to instruct classes of IFK in various fitness clubs in the OKC area, including ALL-American fitness and Lighthouse Sports and Fitness.

2010- Reuniting with Shihan Monaco, Sensei resumed present full operation and ownership of Eaglewings Kyokushin Karate and Fitness in OKC where he is currently in operation of two schools in the OKC  area as Sandan under Shihan Monaco.