"Historically, our classes have been often times imitated - but our quality and integrity have never been duplicated."
- Shihan Ellis Weber -

About Us

At EagleWings you will recieve instructions in Kyokushin-kai, which means "The truthful way" or "Way of the Integrity" . Kyokushin was developed by world renowned martial artist Masutatsu Oyama and is a blend of shotokan Goju-Ryu and Chinese Kempo. Stylists of Kyokushin-kai derived the nickname "Hard bodies" because of specific emphasis placed on aggresive hard fighting and hard katas or forms of fighting and tameshwari, or art of breaking. This traditional japanese style of karate has earned world wide recognition and respect for its balance on strategic combat for self defense and tournament competition plus the disciplines its practitioners develop which benefit the spirit and soul as well as body.

Where'd we get our name? From experiencing in our own lives personally that even after we have grown weary and tired "those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength they will mount up with WINGS as EAGLES.

The classes will be under the supervision of Shihan Ellis Weber, along with qualified assistant instructors. The schedule also includes periodic appearances by guest instructors. Eaglewings offers people of all ages a well rounded schedule of training in crisis and self defense techniques that will not only enhance awareness and self-confidence but potential to avoid conflict that will prove invaluable in todays chaotic society.

The benefits you will recieve at Eaglewings not only include competition and fighting skills but an incredible aerobic workout self discipline, potential enhancement Plus a renewed respect for yourself and others just like you. the Rewards the workouts offer range from meeting new friends , pushing yourself past emotional or physical disabilities or limitations , directing your energies to aim for higher goals PLUS great therapy for those who need pressure release in stressfilled world.