"Historically, our classes have been often times imitated - but our quality and integrity have never been duplicated."
- Shihan Ellis Weber -

Certified Instructors - Sensei Amjad Nawaz

As a Pakistani youth at the age of twelve, Amjad's intrigue for the martial arts was brought to reality when he began to study and practice Aikido in 1983. Things took a new direction when, in 1989, he was given the opportunity to train in Kyokushin with Shihan Inamullah Khan, one of Mas Oyamas original students, who brought Kyokushin to Pakistan. Amjad trained with Nassarullah Khan under Inamullah Khan. Amjad was an active Kohai (student) from 1989 to 1995 until he moved to United States where he soon found Eaglewings Kyokushin karate taught by Shihan Ellis Weber. Shihan Weber was the regional branch chief for the IKO at the time so Amjad was able to transition easily from his Pakistani training to the US, where he earned his Shodan status in the year 2000.

During the interim where Shihan Weber could not teach due to medical conditions, Amjad's hunger to continue his martial arts helped him cross paths with SIFU Leturia, a grandmaster of the Hun Gar system, and professor Hargrave of the American Kempo system in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the eight years of instruction in the various systems he trained in, there was discontent in the fact that nothing fulfilled his inner desire to excel even deeper, until fortunately, after several years of recovery, Shihan Weber and Amjad re-connected and Eaglewings was re- established as an avenue for Kyokushin karate which remains at the forefront today. Sempei Amjad was promoted to Nidan in 2012 and Sensei Amjad tested and promoted to San Dan in late 2015. Amjad also currently practices wing chun under SIFU Tony Chan. He has found that his practice of wing chun compliments his training in Kyokushin and finds his desire to teach is simply fueled by those as eager to learn as has been for well over thirty years. In his sincerest humility, he will be the first to state that his journey of learning will never stop. He is truly an asset to his connections worldwide, via his ownership and distribution of Victorbudo USA, a top-of-the-line martial arts products supplier of unparalleled quality.